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Original story from the North West, Port Townsend, Washington Territory newspaper.

Seattle Weekly Gazette_1865-05-04_Is General Tilton A Secessionist.pdf
Besides the accusation of Tilton, p. 2 also has a statement in support of Arthur A. Denny for territorial representative: "The Union Platform Adopted by the People in Territorial Convention, April 14th, 1865," which declares slavery "dead and buried…

Seattle Weekly Gazette_1865-05-11_The Negro In The Fence.pdf
Two articles in this Unionist paper regard Asa Mercer, who had brought the "Mercer Girls" to Washington and who had asked the legislature "to endorse him as immigrant agent for the territory." "The Negro in the Fence" (p.2) says "the Copperhead…

Seattle Weekly Gazette_1865-05-18_Our Country Ticket.pdf
"Our County Ticket" (p.2) also defends state Rep. C. Clymer of Unionists from charge that he "deserted his constituents" in matter of Pierce County line.

"The Nigger in the Fence Again" (p. 2) -- "Hicks still insists that Mr. Mercer and Mr. Meiggs…

Seattle Weekly Gazette_1865-05-25_ Another Roorback Refuted.pdf
This issue has several short articles denouncing Democratic editor Hicks for claiming that Mercer had offered to import blacks to work in Meigs' mill. "A Queer Way of Manufacturing Proof," (p. 3), accuses Hicks of "proving" this by quoting himself.…

Seattle Weekly Gazette_1865-06-01_Letter From Major Van Bokkelen.pdf
The Van Bokkelen letter, printed in this Unionist paper (p. 2), admits much of what the Democratic paper was accusing them of: that there was a plan to bring out black workers in the mills. He reports Mercer being for it, and then saying he was never…
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