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Pioneer and Democrat_1860-11-16_Letter from Vancouver Island.pdf
Inflammatory letter to the editor from a British subject in Victoria who believes that the negro riot in the Colonial Theatre shows that the black race is not ready to be integrated into society. This excited and angry description of the "riot"…

The Legislature's offices were still not complete. The Public Printer position is being linked with the issues of the move of the capitol, the division of the Territory, and the relocation of the Penitentiary. On the 180th ballot the Territorial…

Sundry activities going on in the Territory, including a new route to be run by the steamer Eliza Anderson; Steilacoom fundraising for wounded and disabled soldiers; price, supply and demand for beef cattle to Victoria; shortage of wheat; the Supreme…

The Legislature debates the division of the Washington Territory. The new Territory of Idaho might be organized soon. A new county - Boise County - was formed where new gold discoveries were recently found.

The editor of the Washington Standard, Dr. A.H. Henry, went to Washington D.C. to help effect a division of the Territory and to refute charges against him.
The Legislature passed an act to punish parties who refuse to take Legal Tender Notes at…

Washington Standard_1862-05-11_Portland Correspondent.pdf
A Republican account of a Democratic political meeting. Describes Isaac Ingalls Stevens as a self-proclaimed Union man who nevertheless called Joseph Lane "a dear friend." (Stevens had managed the southern Democratic ticket - John C. Breckenridge…

More drama involving the Territorial government. Elwood Evans, recently appointed as Secretary of the Territory to replace L.J.S. Turney, tried to take office, but Turney refused to turn over authority to Evans.

This article shows the author's racism. The Indians of the Puget Sound are described as not like the rest of the Indians west of the Mississippi. The Siwashes are physically "put together"; they have fortitude; can bear adversity; have much skill…

Letter from D.pdf
The author, "D," writes that Murphy "thinks republicanism pays best, and presto! he is an ardent republican." He argues that Murphy was once a Democrat, and has become a Republican because of the changing opportunities of administration patronage.

Washington Standard_1861-07-13_An Historical Contrast.pdf
A well-reasoned argument concerning slavery that goes back to 1790, when the population of the North and South was the same. The North abolished slavery. "This kind of labor was no longer suited to their industry, in which labor was valuable just in…
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