Another Roorback Refuted


Another Roorback Refuted


Black race


This issue has several short articles denouncing Democratic editor Hicks for claiming that Mercer had offered to import blacks to work in Meigs' mill. "A Queer Way of Manufacturing Proof," (p. 3), accuses Hicks of "proving" this by quoting himself. Also "By Their Own Witnesses Are They Condemned" (p. 3)

"The Copperhead County Convention" (p.2) denounces the King County Democrats as nominating copperheads and asks Democrats to "touch not the slimy reptile."

"Mr. Pagley and the University" [means Bagley] (p. 2) attacks James Tilton, president of the UW, and defends Bagley (president of the university commissioners) and Arthur Denny against charges by editor Hicks.

"A Great Stretcher" (p. 2), is a sardonic blurb saying the editor of "the secession machine at Olympia" [Hicks] has stretched honor, decency, and truth but "not stretched hemp."

"To the Voters of Washington Territory and of King County in Particular" (p. 2) Argues for election of Arthur Denny and not Major Tilton in June 5 election. Says Tilton "has been intimate with Secession sympathizers and actors, both in the Territory and the Confederate army," and suggests that he took his oath of loyalty to the Union "to save his pension."

"Mr. Denny and the University Swindle" (p. 2) Statement by D. Bagley, president of the university commissioners, denying the charge in the Democrat of 20th inst. that Denny aided and abetted "the university swindle."

"Copperhead Logic" (p. 2) From The Pacific Tribune, attacking editor Hicks.

"Jefferson All Right" (p. 2) An upbeat report from a Unionist in Port Townsend.

"Mired in His Own Filth" (p. 2) Attacks Hicks for changing his political stripes since 1861 and now editing "a vile sheet."

"The Ass Brays and the Bull Bellows" (p. 2) Denounces "Ten Commandment Joe" and supports Rep. Clymer regarding a bill on stock raising.

"The Logic of the 'Fervent Hope' " (p. 2) Criticizes Major Tilton for saying he "fervently hopes" to endorse the policy of President Johnson while not supporting it.

Untitled story, p. 3, from Astoria Gazette: A rebel sympathizer was heard rejoicing over the assassination of Lincoln. A crowd "strung him up as long as was safe without utter strangulation." Editor comments that "There are about two dozen of the same sort in this vicinity who deserve the same treatment--except that they ought not to be taken down so soon."

"Frittering Away" (p. 3) Attack on Hicks.

"A Pecuniary View" (p. 3) Suggests a strong Unionist victory in elections will be worth $1 million in federal contracts.


Letter from G.A. Meigs, mill owner at Port Madison, denying [statement by Hicks] that he had given money to Mercer to import blacks from the States to work in his mill, or as loggers, or that he ever had such an idea.


G.A. Meigs, Mill Owner, Port Madison


Seattle Weekly Gazette


Seattle, WA: J.R. Watson

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Meigs, George A. (George Anson), 1820-1897





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Vol. 2, iss. 2, p. 2, col. D

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Port Madison; Kitsap

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