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WS 1865-06-23 Yreka 4th of July Spoiled p 2, col B.JPG
The Statesman editor reports that Loyal Leaguers have taken over Independence Day celebrations in Yreka, California, and have turned the holiday into a partisan event. They have barred Democrats from helping to plan the celebration, and the…

"A large number of these so-called Young Men's Christian Associations proved to be in the late presidential election political organizations in the hands of the black republicans--and none the less dangerously effective from the secret character of…

Puget Sound Herald_1858-11-12_Wretched Thoroughfare.pdf
Wretched Thoroughfare
Commercial Street, the main one in Steilacoom is deemed dangerous. It has a very bad grade, it is full of holes, mud, stumps and hills.

The editor of the Puget Sound Herald is a booster of his tiny antebellum community on…

WS 1863-05-16 Working a Traverse p 2,  col A-Pt 1.JPG
This editorial claims that unnamed Unionist candidates for the nomination to run for delegate are in the "upper country" on the east side, claiming to have tremendous support on Puget Sound. It is impossible for all of them to have the support that…

Washington Standard_1860-07-06_Words Fitly Spoken.pdf
This article argues that the South has suppressed freedom of the press, enabled lynch law and proclaimed "that the true solution of the contest ...between capital and labor is that that capital should own the laborer, whether white or black."

"We hope, now that the war is over, that this miserable, ignorant, lowbred, senseless and vulgar use of the word "traitor"...will find an end...We are depressed, sickened and nauseated with it."

Walla Walla Statesman_1866-08-24_Women's Voting.pdf
Article argues that suffrage for white women has been advanced "Through the laws that extend her privileges for conducting business in her own name" and that many women work successfully for the Post Office.

WS 1864-09-30 Withdrawn p 3, col B.JPG
The Statesman editor makes a joke at the expense of A.G. Turner and John Fremont, who both withdrew from their races, in favor of the front-running Republican candidate, Parks in the former case and Abraham Lincoln, in the latter.

S.C. Parks is…

Announcement of major US troop movements out of the Military Department of the Pacific to New York. Those troops to be relieved by volunteers from California.

WS 1862-12-13 William Courtland Prentice Obit p 1, col C-Pt 1.JPG
This obituary, written for the dead rebel son of a union family in Kentucky, might have been written for many such sons and many such families. Its publication in this Walla Walla newspaper has significance in what it represented for local readers…
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