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Washington Standard_1861-08-31_Letter From Nathan Olney.pdf
The principal item is the letter from Nathan Olney, at Ten Mile Creek, reprinted from the Mountaineer, concerning Native hostilities. On another page of the same issue, this agitation is attributed to "traitors" inciting the Indians.

On p. 2 is…

Washington Standard_1861-08-31_The Crisis In America.pdf
Here, Republican John Miller Murphy reprints an article from the London Times, in which a correspondent - historian John Lothrop Motley - denounces the secession of the Confederate States of America.

This is of significant in Washington Territory…

Washington Standard_1861-08-31_The War Worth All It Costs.pdf
The author says the war will cost "thousands of lives" and much treasure. "There will be sorrow and despair. Will it pay the cost? Yes, a hundred, a thousand fold, if we come out of the struggle conquerors... We shall be able to teach treason such a…

Vancouver Register_1867-03-03_An Address.pdf
An address issued by G.A. Meigs, Leander Holmes, and the Union Central Committee calling for the election of loyal Union delegates to the Union Convention in the Territory. Warns that Democratic traitors and rebels...will "deluge the country again…

Washington Standard_1860-08-31_The Skeleton In The Southern Closet.pdf
John Miller Murphy, editor of the Republican Washington Standard, reprints with commentary a letter published in a south Carolina newspaper. The writer promises that if the border state slaves are freed and brought into the northern army, turned and…

Washington Standard_1860-08-24_Gatherings By The Wayside.pdf
John Miller Murphy, editor of the Republican Washington Standard, reprints an accusation from the Portland Oregonian, continuing Republic sniping at the integrity of Democrat Joseph Lane.

Washington Standard_1861-08-24_The Indian Superintendency.pdf
Article accuses Bion Kendall of "misrepresenting his party character" to the Lincoln administration and intending to use the office to "enrich himself" by gaining the patronage appointment of superintendent of Indian affairs in Washington Territory.

Washington Standard_1861-08-24_Traitors In Our Midst.pdf
As editor of the Portland Advertiser, George L. Curry, a former governor of Oregon and a recent contender for the U.S. Senate, does "the bidding of a handful of traitors on this coast, headed in Oregon by such men as [John] Whiteaker and Jo Lane, the…

Washington Standard_1861-08-17_A Common-Sense View Of Comprimse.pdf
The Republican Washington Standard republishes an editorial from the San Francisco Times, arguing against compromise. "No peace will ever be made upon the basis of compromise... There is nothing to compromise about" after the attack on Fort Sumter.

Washington Standard_1861-08-17_Southern Testimony.pdf
The Washington Standard reprints this letter from a Californian who "loves the sunny South," but stands on the side of union, arguing that the leaders of the Confederacy have deceived the people of the south, intending to establish a Confederate…
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