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VR_Letter to Editor about Railroad Subsidies_1869-03-27.jpg
In this letter to the editor, the writer makes a case for the importance of the region and the value of extending the railroads through the territory. He argues that incoming President Ulysses S. Grant is not opposed to the extension of a…

VR_Railroad Subsidies_1869-03-27.jpg
The editor of the Vancouver Register republishes this editorial from The Oregonian without comment. Settlers in the Pacific Northwest had been eager for railroad service since their arrival, and President Abraham Lincoln's chartering of the Northern…

VR_Story about Black Man_1869-03-27.jpg
The editor of the Vancouver Register reprints this article from the Memphis Post. The article recounts the biography of a free black man, named Charles Letting, who bought his and his wife's freedom. He attended Oberlin College, and currently owns…

“I honestly…believe that…the time has come when the Union party ought to express their opinions of Dr. Henry.”

Dr. Anson G. Henry (1804-1865) was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL, and and served as personal physician to the…

“…instead of having a large number of partners, I should think it advisable…to have as few partners as possible.”

“…We have this day laid the Earthly remains of Abraham Lincoln in the vault of his last resting place on Earth….”
“…I have happily succeeded in procuring all the reappointments….”

“…and Copperheads Nesmith, Harding, & Cole, it is supposed + it is believed here, these men have been urging the removal of Gen’l Alvord.”
“I had seen nothing of the war before this journey....”

DEB JAN 2 66 Oregon Ratification of 13th Amendment.png
The report of a special session of the Oregon State Legislature describes:
l) Governor A.C. Gibb’s appeal to ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery, and the subsequent approval of the measure by the Oregon Senate and House of Representatives…

"Mr. Saunders applied to several clergymen to know as to the facts, and finally applied to the Rev. G. F. Whitworth. His reply was-- 'I do not think that Governor Stevens has been indulging in anything that would intoxicate, for a long time…

Washington Standard_1861-08-31_Gatherings By The Wayside.pdf
Among these short "gatherings," n August 1861, Republican editor John Miller Murphy republishes a California article concerning "Union Democrats," who wish to suggest they are both for protection of the Union, of the United States, but remain…
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